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In Which I Ramble Like WHOA

OKAY. I'm gonna do this. LET'S DO THIS. I'm gonna BABBLE LIKE A DUMBASS about my favourite character in TAG (and TOS, but I need to get back to rewatching before I can comment much on TOS Virg.)

When comes to figuring stuff out about a character, I do try to not read TOO heavily between lines? I draw my thoughts and headcanons very much from what's presented to me from the characters actions, acting and just things you see on the screen. SO yeah. Mostly this is just my personal observations and stuff after watching episodes COPIOUS amount of times. LOL

To me Virgil comes across as being pretty well grounded. He seems pretty good at keeping himself relaxed and I think how he manages that, imho, by his humour. He has a very straight man/dry/sarcastic humour. To me? Virgil is HILARIOUS. lol Sorry Gordon. Very my favourite kinda humour. That sass is how I think he handles a lotta stress of the situations. He lets it roll off with his banter, keeping him fairly up beat. And by being that way, it makes it easier to handle the stress I'm sure he goes through. Though even like... unstressy situations, he'll be joking. I just love that walk down the tunnel with his Grandma scene. He's joking around and stuff. It's so cute. /chinhands.

But yeah. Even how he dresses to me just seems laid back? A flannel shirt, baggyish jeans and a pair of boots just kinda smushed onto his feet. lmao Very comfortable clothing. He's not thinking much about looks. lol

Problem with really picking up things about him is Unplugged is the only episode we have some solid Virgil. Rest of the time he's very much playing sidekick, so gotta really go looking.

Let's talk about some good Virg moments! YEAH.

There's the obvious bits in that ep... the flip out a bit about not being able to help people and the feelings of being upset that he's cut off from his brothers and thunderbird 5... it's like us when our internet is down. lmao XD;

I love how worried and kinda... a lil' broodish he is when him and Grandma have obviously decided on a plan for the Ludites. She's all "YOU READY?" "NOPE!" and then does that grumbly grunt. All. FINE. I GUESS SO. I don't like this though. >:/

If that isn't genuine enjoyment when he stuffs that cookie biscuit into his mouth, I don't know what is. ;) Though it's too bad when his Grandma gives him the compass he has his face stuffed with cookies, cause I think we were robbed a real touching scene for the sake of lulz. Oh well. He's adorbs.

Did no one catch he actually kiiiiinda a bit flirted with the girl in the box? He freaking turns around. "Want me to pick you up something while I'm out? :D" You DORK. LISTEN TO THAT DORK RIGHT THERE. He's also kinda releasing a bit of tension right there. But also a dork.

Of course, in Skyhook there's that explosion between him and Gordon. Mr. Peacekeeper failed epicly there.

And there's our favourite pulling Scott from the Prof... his voice raises a lot and then DAMN that look at Scott.

He panics more than a bit when Scott's falling with that dish. In fact, that was a lotta panic there.

Also gives Scott a pretty good yelling at when he's down in the mine arguing with Marion. "You might want to save the arguments until you're topside!" He's not even saying don't argue, just... do it where you aren't gonna get radiated to death. lol

And when Gordon goes unresponsive for a moment in Under Pressure and in Ring of Fire, he gets a bit flared up both times.

He's pretttty damn smug with himself when he's all, "Sorry Thunderbird 1. Didn't feel like waiting." Disobeys orders. Like a big damn hero. Does it again with the mole.

Even subtle things. Did you guys catch that kinda breath he takes in then lets out, right before discussing shoving Thunderbird 2 into the gravity well? It's a tiny moment, but there... it's a deep breath cause he lifts his shoulders then drops them as he's looking at the hologram of the well and Brains starts talking.

In fact, you know what? I'mma gonna say it. Forget his Dad. I think he's a bit of a Grandma's boy. :D Unplugged. Nuff said. Yeah, that's just DRIPPING IT. I really love that episode, despite the heavy handed TECH ISN'T EVERYTHING, OLD IS GOOD message. It's curious she decides to give VIRGIL the compass. You'd think without Jeff to give it to, she'd consider giving it to the eldest, but she gives it to Virg. :D She loves all her boys, of course! TOTALLY. But it was just really sweet. I hope we see the compass again. There's lots of other hints too of his Grandma's boy ishness. He's also the one who's able to predict EXACTLY what Grandma's gonna do when they think they have the day off. That cheeky, cheeky, OH SO SMUG, smile. Well played, indeed. "Anyone up there?" He knows exactly what's coming. lmao TIME TO HIDE. ALSO. Look at him in EOS. He's one putting an arm around his Grandma, twice, to comfort her.

WAIT. GRANDMA. Lemme go off topic a sec... I wonder how long she's been on the island? NO, REALLY. If she'd been there a long time, wouldn't she least know where the on button is even if she can't use the cookingthingy? She's hopelessly moving the lounge chairs back in place. lmao And it seems this might be her first trip in Thunderbird 2? "Can this thing go any faster?" It's something I've been picking up on. IDK. It might be reading too much.

One big problem really with Virg is... HIS DAMN EYEBROWS. That > really kinda hinders expressions, so it's a bit harder to read his face, unlike the others. I'm hoping very much as series progresses the animators will get better at animating his face and figuring out how to push his expressions a bit more. Gotta watch for when his brows furrow upwards. That's when he's getting emotional. That smile at end of fireflash, for example! There's fair bit of emotion there. His brows are very high and furrowed.

We really don't know about TAG Jeff for me to feel like I can say much about him and his influence on the boys. I think one of the more interesting clues we DO have is what Gordon says... he always took Grandma's side. lol I feel like more insights into Jeff might be gleaned a bit more by looking to Grandma????? IDK. Just a thought.

Else lotta thoughts of mine are on everything else is what we can see. The lounge is filled with interesting things that pertain to our Virgil... The grand piano there. The easel on the landing, even if we don't know what the shit it is. XD There is actually a padded stool beside it, I realized, so someone has SAT there and worked on that painting. There's a Mozart bust on the shelf! Pretty sure it's Mozart. Yeah, I've been really studying the sets. XD I hope we'll get to see his room...

As for his cool reaction when plummeting from the sky--well, panicking would do no good, and we well know from Skyhook, Brain's is a very cautious designer. There's an emergency hatch right at the back of the cockpit. There's a rafts stowed in the containers in the cockpit. (There's also a TON of medical supplies. Not like, a kit, multiple cabinets. ^.^) I can't imagine Brains wouldn't have a escape pod or least a parachute in there for an emergency.

As for being a peacekeeper kinda guy... Well... idk. Who's to say it wasn't something he happily embraced? I mean, I tend to be a peacekeeper in my groups of friends and I'm HAPPY to take it. I LIKE being a voice of damn reason. I wouldn't have it any other way. I also like mother henning at people. :X Lmao I tend to deal with stress with joking around too. YEAH, there's a reason I really like Virgil. XD

He honestly to me seems overall to be fairly happy???? By in large? I'm sure there's stuff. Oh, I'm sure they all got STUFF. But I don't feel like there's anything really deep simmering underneath. o.oa If anything is his stuff, it's prolly linked to dealing with that big brother of his. Annnd possibly something with the art and pianoing, but I'm not ready to suspect how yet. There's just not really anything to go on yet. (Well, other than that note in that early design booklet... but it's something that didn't end up in his bio later. And tbh it wouldn't have been the best message. Like to paint and play the piano? BE EMBARRASSED. If there's an episode that addresses this at all, it'd prolly be with the message to NOT be ashamed of this, if it is a thing at all.)

I've watched these eps over and over... being fairly dependent on his brothers is the only real crack I've seen, but point of that episode was realizing he can do these things on his own. WHOO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. OMNOM.

Where as, Scott's got SIGNS. Other than the fact we know it's coming... that blow up at the prof and I STILL think there was a odd reaction to John in EOS when he survives and everyone's all YES. and he's like... "...." OKAY now back to business! He doesn't REACT the same as the others. It's very easy to see he's probably shouldering a lot, and when that happens, it's only a matter of time.

Now, I do love me the connection between Scott and Virg.. I HOPE it is still a thing. And they are absolutely lynch pins... and really so is John now. Though... well, really I think in TAG losing ANY of the brothers would be devastating. They're all so much closer to each other than in TOS. JUST. I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THESE DUMB BROTHERS AHH. But I'd love that lil' extra something between Scott and Virg... and if Scott is a mess, it probably IS Virg who'd be trying to glue him back together. I love the idea that he's the one brother who can mother hen the mother hen. And that Scott reads Virgil the bestest. I'm so sad there we hadn't really had a good episode with the two. Hopefully second season half will have something.