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Tumblr RP Threads

Most of my Virgil-ing is now on Tumblr... This is a post of some of my fave threads thus far. :D (Links are set to display threads chronologically... as they are all tagged. ^^b) Prolly will add more as I track down more of my rp tags, but these are the bigger ones.

Safe From the Monsters - Started as just a meme reply that... exploded. Also wrote a small ficlet to explain exactly what happened before the RP started.

Fall of a Goliath - Our first really BIG rp, that apparently even got linked on one of the Thunderbird facebook groups, whut. Our own take on the fall of TB2 like in Terror in New York City.

Tree House Adventure - The boys are gonna build a tree house, but kinda get distracted. Had hard/long time finishing this one, but finally managed to least cap it off to some extent. Last post is here.

Castaway Brothers - Sadly incomplete, though maybe get back to finishing it one of these days.

Drunk Convos with Scott at Stupid-O-Clock - Took FOREVER, but finally finished this. Think forgot to reblog Scott's last reply... ah it's here. ^.^

Something Came Up / No Show Dad and Don't Shoot the Messenger - First two links are cause this is bit fragmented cause Virgil was only in a little bit of the rp. XD Read first couple replies on Scott's, then switch to my link, then back to Scott's and should get it all. Then the second half is all complete. More small Tracys rp. ^__^b

You can hold my hand if you need to - Something that came from a starter/meme thing. :D

Drama for Christmas - Because a normal Christmas RP woulda been boring. XD Not quite complete still ack! But it's just aftermath we're tying up still.

Cake for Gordon - Cute, lil rp for Gordo's birthday :D

Let's Go Fly a Kite - Another small Scott and Virgil rp. :D.

Inescapable Situations - RP with one of the OC rpers, Beatrix Hayes, who is another agent for IR. (TOS IR had many agents. ^^) Not yet complete.

Revenge Will Be Mine - ...I didn't even realize there was an unintentional pun there till now. Ahem. Anyhoo. Sequel to Drama for Christmas. 8D Pre-written in google docs so just posting it up. Prolly be completed in few more days.