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PART 1 - Out of Character
NAME: Jennifer
AGE (must be 18 or older): 33 T_T
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TIME ZONE: Eastern

PART 2.a - In Character Non-WH13/Eureka Canon Characters (Skip/delete if not applicable)
Full Name: Virgil Tracy
Nicknames: Virg (Virge... Verge... whatever spelling lol) (Also his call sign is "Thunderbird 2")
DOB/Age: Early 20s.
Birthplace: USA (Prolly Kansas, like TOS.)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go!
Journal: heavy_lifting
PB: Screencaps from the show
Holoprojection Human Interface PB: N/A
Canon Point: Post episode "Heavy Metal"

Appearance: He's a bit stocky, especially compared to his taller brothers, Scott and John, but what he lacks in stature he makes up for in mass. The largest and strongest out of the five of them, Virgil is very much a match for his beloved cargo aircraft. His complexion is fair and his well styled hair, black. His friendly disposition is conflicted by a pair of rather aggressive looking eyebrows that overshadow his gentle, deep set brown eyes. A small scar sits next to his left brow.

When relaxing his choice of clothing reflects his rather laid back personality, usually wearing some comfortable look jeans, a pair worn work boots, and a t-shirt with a plaid shirt over top. His IR suit, however, is thick and heavy looking, made of a special woven fabric that protects against the bumps and bruises a rescue job has, along with offers protection from things like radiation and such. On his feet are a large pair of boots, and his hands long, thick, fingerless gloves. He also wears a green tool belt/harness, that is filled with various rescue equipment/tools and a matching large screen watch looking gadget.


(Thunderbirds Are Go! is a remake of the 1960s series, Thunderbirds. It has remained fairly true to the original canon, those behind the remake being big fans of the original themselves, but some things have been updated and altered to match better with the times. Unfortunately though, there are some details that have yet to be revealed (just keep getting bits and pieces sigh XD) and some things being left up in the air intentionally by the series writers, such as the ages and order of the boys, beyond the youngest and oldest (which was the only thing the series creator, Gerry Anderson, ever set in stone.) The head writer has made it fairly clear he'd rather everyone decide for themselves what ages they see the boys as, with zero plans to ever actually say in the show. (I spoke to him on twitter myself, in fact. Amazingly. XD) I'm gonna stick with the prevailing agreed "feels like" order/ages... the order also being one of the two generally agreed upon for the original. (Even "official" sources could not actually make up their mind on these things!) I've also assumed here the gist of the creation of IR is the same, but we've not had anything concrete still, so left it fairly vague. There's some books coming out later this summer which hopefully will give some tid-bits...)

Virgil Tracy is the third eldest of five sons born to a man named Jeff Tracy. All his sons were named after five of the Mercury 7, who were the first American Astronauts in space: Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan. The boy's mother passed away tragically early in the boys lives, leaving their father to raise him and his brothers with the help of his widowed mother. A retired American astronaut, their father built up a very successful business that made him one of the wealthiest men in the world.

As the boys grew up, their Father became inspired to create an organization dedicated to saving lives, and thus using his great fortune with the help of his now teenage and young adult sons and a brilliant young scientist known as Brains, found a remote island in the south pacific, which they named Tracy Island, and there they set about creating International Rescue. In the hidden base, four special and highly advanced rescue ships and a space station were invented and built to aid their cause. The ships were named the Thunderbirds, each brother taking primary command of each vessel.

Virgil, having studied engineering and mechanics, became the designated pilot of Thunderbird 2, a massive and powerful cargo aircraft that specializes in carrying their various rescue equipment to where ever it's needed.

International Rescue began operations and quickly made a name for themselves and becoming highly respected, gaining good standing even with the Global Defense Force.

At some point when the boys were younger, Jeff took in the daughter of some family friends. Named Tanusha Kyrano, she took the nickname Kayo and grew up beside the Tracy boys, coming to see them as brothers. However, unknown to the boys, a secret kept by Jeff and his mother, she has an Uncle who she'd really rather not be related to...

Kayo's uncle is a shadowy man known simply as The Hood. This mysterious figure has great deal of interest and a whole lot of contempt for Jeff Tracy, International Rescue and their great vessels. An international criminal, he has an interest in owning the world (but leave running it to other people) and would certainly love to get his hands on the advanced technology of the Thunderbirds to help him do so. Jeff had a friend and ally, Lady Penelope Creighten-Ward, a wealthy lady of Britain high society and secret agent for International Rescue, look into the man, but she was unable to find much, her leads going cold as he seemingly vanished.

Around that same time, Jeff had a mysterious plane crash that the boys believe The Hood had something to do with it, although, unknown to them, the Hood has not actually claimed full responsibility, increasing the mystery. The brothers still hold onto the hope that they can at least find out exactly what happened to their father, as no wreckage has yet been found, leaving them uncertain of his fate.

Life, however, continues on and Scott, the eldest, assumed leadership of International Rescue and set about continuing to do what they do best and what they know their father would have wanted them to do: save lives.

Though the year is 2060, and though the world has made many advancements, mother nature, human error as well as the Hood making a return, the world can still be a dangerous place. With a record of only 51 hours ever between calls, the boys lives are almost always in motion.


Calm, cool and collected, Virgil is pretty tough to rattle. He has damn near iron nerves, able to keep it together even in the face of extreme danger. He only becomes a little more unglued when concerned for the safety of his family. He's very much the level-headed voice of reason amongst his more eager, daring and passionate brothers, especially towards Scott and Gordon, whom he often works closest with out on calls.

One might mistake him as being the brawn of the outfit and less so the brains, but that really isn't the case. He's intelligent in a more practical way, having studied engineering and mechanics. He has very good problem solving skills, though his reliance on his tools means he sometimes can at first overlook a simpler solution. (Like how sometimes a whack would just do the job.) He also likes being thorough, even if it means carrying everything, but the kitchen sink on a rescue mission. (And if you needed one, he could probably make you one!)

Virgil often steps into the role as peacemaker in the family, and his position as the middle child puts him in an excellent place to do so, able to act as a bridge between his older two brothers and the younger two. He often ends up playing the straight man around his siblings antics, though can get rather sassy, even a little snarky at times, especially around Gordon, who'll dish it right back at him.

There are times when even Virgil's calm can hit a breaking point; he can get angry and lose his temper if provoked enough or tension and stress is running high. Or else if something is bothering him, he's the kind of guy who broods awhile, although never for too long.

In stark contrast to his exterior, Virgil's actually a pretty sensitive guy. He's often the one seen putting a comforting arm around his Grandma, or reminding his older brothers to have more faith in the younger two's abilities. You'd also never guess he enjoys painting or that he's the one who tickles the ivories of the baby grand sitting in the lounge; he seems to prefer that you don't.

Speaking of his Grandma, she's taught her boys well. They all have fairly good manners and do try to act like gentlemen, more or less. Virgil doesn't think twice about offering a hand to help anyone up.

Having lost his mom and possibly also his dad, Virgil's remaining family (including Kayo and Brains) mean everything to him and his brothers are his world. Though the boys tease and pick fun at each other, they are all very close knit and love each other a great deal. They work incredibly well as a team, trusting and relying on each other to point that Virgil can feel a little lost if completely cut off from them. Though he doesn't have quite the same level of big brother instinct Scott has, Virgil has his own brotherly instincts, that extends both ways, even to the eldest.

Brave and dedicated to everything International Rescue stands for, he won't think twice about putting his own life on the line if it means saving the life of someone else. He won't turn his back on someone who needs help right in front of him, ever.

Special facts/special abilities about your character:

He's just a regular human being... or as regular as someone dedicated to saving people's lives every single day could be. He's very fit and is the strongest of all his brothers, with broad, muscular shoulders and arms.

Virgil is essentially a rescue expert. The longest International Rescue has ever had between rescues is a little over 2 days, so he's been on many hundreds of calls since International Rescue's beginning. When it comes to dealing with a situation that might need a rescue, his knowledge is vast, especially when comes to the logistics concerning equipment they'll need or how to get to someone in need of rescue.

His father insisted they learn a lot of different tools to help them be prepared for anything so have learned things like morse code and first aid.

As an engineer and mechanic, while Brains tends to his brother's ships, Virgil cares for Thunderbird 2, handling much of it's maintenance himself. He's a skilled pilot (shining particularly when he's sitting at Thunderbird 2's controls) and driver, able handle most of the rescue equipment they have.

On the flip side, Virgil is an artist and musician, being particularly talented at playing the piano.

He's also not afraid of heights. In my book, that is TOTALLY a skill.

What is arriving with your character?

Being in his IR uniform, he has everything on his tool belt/harness, which includes things like, an ion wrench, screw driver, pliers/clippers, glowsticks (yes really) and what's described as "a multi function utility kit". (Basically rescuey and mechanic stuff seems to be the theme. XD)
A high powered LED spotlight (Aka that thing on his back. According to the head writer in a ama, it has some other functions too... haven't seen it used yet, alas.) The tool belt itself also has a communicator built in. Useless, but there.
His wrist controller, which uses hologram technology to display things like GPS display, control for his ship (with a matching control stick that would be in the tool belt too... and also be completely useless, but you know. It'd be there. lol) maps, and other such readouts.
His uniform's helmet.
Grandpa Tracy's compass.

PART 3 - Writing Samples
1. First Person Writing Sample:

So... uh... Hello? I guess.

...Geez, how is this thing even working? I know technology was more advanced than this back then. ...Now. At this time.

[Virgil makes an awkward throat clearing type sound. Yeah. Weird doesn't even begin to cover this.]

This really isn't some weird ass dream, is it? I mean, it would be great if it was and all, but... Yeah, definitely not feeling like it's a dream.

[He lets out a sigh. He's trying to crawl outta being in the dumps, but...]

Anyways, I'm Virgil... Virgil Tracy. And... I guess I'm gonna be here for awhile like the rest of you folks. Helping people out is kinda the family business, you could say, so, hey... If anyone needs anything fixed or, I donno, you got something that could use some muscle for, or if anyone gets into trouble and needs help, look me up.

2. Third Person Writing Sample:

Grasping the controls of Thunderbird 2 tightly, Virgil was struggling to keep the large aircraft even remotely steady. Despite his concentration on the task at hand, he still found himself shaking his head with a faint smile in spite of it. Alan, his youngest brother, wasn't giving up on the idea that the tiny gyrocopter POD could possibly help stabilize Thunderbird 2. It honestly was a waste of time, but the kid wasn't listening to him.

Over the radio, Alan called that he was boosting his thrusters and Virgil just rolled his eyes upwards in response. Sure, he knew all too well Alan wasn't to be underestimated, but in this case there really wasn't anything the he could do; it was just the fact of the matter. It really was pretty cute he was trying though. Virgil certainly appreciated the sentiment, if nothing else.

Suddenly, there was a tug upwards and the strain on the controls eased a little. What the? How...?


A glance at the holographic map of the gravity well they were struggling against and the warm, familiar chuckle over the communicators revealed the answer. Ahhh... It seemed big brother had decided to come to the rescue in Thunderbird 1. Scott had attached a magnetic cable down to Thunderbird 2 as Alan had with the POD, but of course, it did have the power to be helpful. Virgil found himself chuckling too. Well, that was the best they were going to do, now it was up to Gordon, who was dangling off down on a cable in Thunderbird 4 with the plan to disable the collider that was causing this mess.

At least, Virgil sure hoped it could be stopped, or they'd all be pulled down into it at this point. Yeah, that would really ruin the day.

3. First or Third person Sample:

He wasn't sure this was ever going to make sense. His brain was still overwhelmed beyond comprehension. It was like he'd landed in some sci-fi tv show. Dragged over 45 years into the past? There was just no way.

Part of him really wished that maybe something had happened and he was passed out, having some crazy dream. But, of course, everything felt WAY too real to be that. Besides the point that he didn't even think he was capable of dreaming something this crazy. His dreams were always of things like rescues gone bad, his lost parents and of his brothers; nothing like this.

It was all too much to wrap his head around. Instead his thoughts went to something easier, albeit, something worse; they went to his family, back on Tracy Island. Their dad's disappearance was still so raw for all of them, and now for him to suddenly vanish... The thought made his stomach clench and his chest tighten uncomfortably. That's what Virgil hated more than anything. Knowing that this was going to cause his family even more pain, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. It would be like with his Dad all over again. He knew his brothers, they would search and search... and Scott...

He knew all too well the effect this would have on his protective big brother. He was already shouldering a lot since their Dad had vanished. Scott would more than likely find some way to blame himself for Virgil's disappearance. The faintest flicker of a smile found its way to Virgil's expression.

His poor brother was going to get more gray hairs from this.

The thought did little to comfort him, despite the faint amusement. "Hopefully I won't leave you all worrying long," he muttered quietly to himself, doing his best to hold himself together.

PART 4 - Disclaimers
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Character: Virgil Tracy
Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go!
Canon Point at Date of Arrival: Post episode "Heavy Metal"
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